Valhalla is a gorge that is the location of Freelancer Outposts 17-A (Blue) and 17-B (Red). Valhalla has a great deal more vegetation than Blood Gulch, with a river running through the canyon to an expanse of water just beyond Red Base. Aside from the bases and the water, its most significant feature is the remains of a Pelican, crashed there by Tex after the events of the Blood Gulch Chronicles. It later temporarily became the home of Red Team and Caboose.

Before the Reds and BluesEdit

Prior to the Pelican crash, Valhalla was inhabited by the usual two teams of Simulation Troopers. When Tex crashed, however, Omega escaped and began to infect the Blue Team. What followed is unclear, but the Blue soldiers began turning on their own teammates, either in an attempt to stop Omega or because Tex was also possessing them and fighting Omega by proxy. Eventually, the same thing happened to Red Team.

The crash attracted the attention of the Meta, who killed nearly everyone remaining (as well as two Recovery agents who investigated) and took Gamma, Omega, and Tex, along with their equipment. The sole survivor was Walter Henderson of Red Team, who was taken to Freelancer Command.

The Reds and BluesEdit

Valhalla remained occupied during the events of Reconstruction as the investigation into the Meta continued. Agent Washington brought Church and Caboose there to investigate the crashed Pelican, with Sheila still present (albeit in a much-damaged state). After the assault on Freelancer Command to retrieve Epsilon, the UNSC granted the bases in Valhalla to the Reds and what was left of Blue Team (Caboose).

The Reds and Blues remained in Valhalla until Donut arrived. During the intervening time, Sarge and Lopez constructed an enormous holographic chamber below Red Base and Caboose experimented with trying to recreate Church with Epsilon's memory unit and Tex's old robot body. After Donut arrived and told them about Tucker's distress signal, Caboose, Sarge, and Grif left for the desert.

After they were gone, Wash and the Meta arrived in the gorge, shooting Donut and Lopez and holding Simmons prisoner (as well as Doc, who was called in to examine the Meta). The Reds and Blues rescued Simmons, but Doc remained with Wash and the Meta when they left Valhalla, still in pursuit of Epsilon.

Some time after fighting the Meta at Sidewinder, Doc and Donut returned to Valhalla. The other Reds and Blues, however, only returned briefly while with Carolina seeking the Director; while they initially planned to remain in Valhalla, they ultimately left once more (with Donut) to help Carolina and Epsilon, leaving Doc alone there.