This One Goes to Eleven
Season Episode
Revelation 10

June 21, 2010

Running time 7:11
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This One Goes to Eleven was first released June 21, 2010 and is the tenth episode of Revelation.

Episode SummaryEdit

The Reds run through the facility, pursued by Tex. Caboose finds a control room overlooking the area and asks FILSS for help, but she refuses to interfere with what she considers an ongoing test. Tex attacks the Reds and Tucker, who has just arrived. The four do poorly, with Grif nearly being shot with a shotgun (which happens to be out of ammo) and the entire group nearly being crushed by a crate Tex throws (which Tucker cuts in two and happens to be full of medpacks). There is brief confusion after Tucker goes through a teleporter and once again gets his armor covered in black stuff, as Grif and Sarge think he's Tex.

Finally, Simmons targets Tex with a rocket launcher, but she manages to escape it through the use of teleporters and the subsequent explosion instead sends everyone else flying. As Tex walks away, Church, back in a robot body, challenges her.