The Rookies
Season Episode
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April, 2003

Running time 3:12
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Red Gets a Delivery Head Noob in Charge

The Rookies was first released in April, 2003 and is the third episode of both Season 1 and Red vs. Blue overall.

Episode SummaryEdit

A new rookie arrives on each team, both seeming to know nothing. Since Sarge is out Grif and Simmons send the new Red Rookie, Donut, to find Elbow Grease and Headlight Fluid (obviously a false quest) while the Blues stand and admire their new tank.


  1. Grif
  2. Simmons
  3. Donut (First appearance)
  4. Sarge (Mentioned only) (First identified as Sarge)
  5. Caboose (First appearance)
  6. Tucker
  7. Church (First identified as Church)
  8. Sheila (First appearance)