Tenth Percentile
Season Episode
Revelation 17

August 23, 2010

Running time 6:20
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Tenth Percentile was first released August 23, 2010 and is the seventeeth episode of Revelation.

Episode SummaryEdit

Simmons is able to get FILSS to restore the Blues to the database from a backup. At the same time, Grif looks through some other files, revealing to the rest of the Reds that the Red and Blue teams were really just simulation troopers for the Freelancers to practice on, and all the scenarios they went through were planned to some degree. In deep distress, Sarge leaves, building a fascimile of Red Base and telling Grif and Simmons not to call him "sir" anymore--he's quit.

At the ice base, Church asks Tex where they're going. She says she's looking for the Director, the only one who can explain what happened to her, and to find him, she needs to talk to either Wash or the Meta. To lure them to her, she shoots Church, activating his Recovery Beacon, which is immediately picked up by Wash and the Meta in the desert.