A teleporter is a device used to transport people or things instantaneously from one location to another. Project Freelancer is known to have used teleporters in their bases.

For an unknown reason, Tucker's armor always turns black when he travels through a teleporter. A similar effect happened to Caboose once, but no other time to anyone else.

Locations and usesEdit

Blood GulchEdit

Both the Red and Blue bases in Blood Gulch were equipped with teleporters. Blue Team uses theirs more than once to surprise or ambush Red Team. Red Team's teleporter is used by O'Malley to escape after the Parabola of Mystery, and is later used by the Reds and Blues in pursuit of him.

Janitor's ClosetEdit

While in pursuit of O'Malley, Simmons inadvertently ends up in a room full of teleporters that he nicknames the "janitor's closet". He is able to use the teleporters to find the other Reds and Blues and travel to them.

Freelancer FacilityEdit

The Freelancer facility in Revelation contains a number of teleporters for training purposes. Tex uses them to her advantage during the fight against the Reds and Tucker.

Other Freelancer FacilityEdit

When pursuing the Director, Carolina and Epsilon use a teleporter to reach his location.