Robot Number Two is a robot built by Sarge, along with Francisco Montegue Zanzibar, for the Blue Team.

Robot Number Two
General information

Robot Number Two

First Appearance

K.I.T. B.F.F. (Keep In Touch, Best Friends Forever)
in Season 2



Armor Color


Armor Ability

punching Grif, ten-megaton bomb

Like its counterpart, Robot Number 2 was built as part of a deal between the Reds and Blues where Sarge built two robots in exchange for the return of Donut and Lopez. Robot Number 2 acquired its unique name as a result of refusing to accept any names Sarge suggested for it; he claims this is a result of an overclocked sass-back chip. Also like Francisco Montegue Zanzibar, Robot Number 2 was built with some special abilities. Upon use of the codeword "dirtbag", it was programmed to punch Grif. It also contained a ten megaton bomb.

During the Parabola of Mystery, Robot Number 2 was possessed by Church. He evidently kept the body until shortly before the Ehmp at the end of Reconstruction, where it was lost as the Reds and Caboose fled the Freelancer base.