Season Episode
Revelation 19

September 6, 2010

Running time 8:09
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Reunion was first released September 6, 2010 and is the nineteenth episode of Revelation.

Episode SummaryEdit

Wash wakes up after the explosion, recognizing Tex, to his shock. She demands to know where the Director is; he claims to have no idea. The Meta tackles her, and the three begin to fight, with Tex setting off numerous traps on the ice shelf and Wash attempting to use the capture unit to trap her. Finally, Tex blows the ice shelf in half, jumping to the safe side as the other half falls into the water below, but is shot and collapses. The Meta jumps toward the new cliff and uses his knifle to catch himself in the ice, but Wash instead is saved when Doc throws the tow cable from the Warthog over the cliff.

Before Tex can recover, the Meta stabs her with the capture unit, trapping her. Church tells Wash to let her out; when he says he can't, Church says he'll fight rather than go with him, enlisting Doc on his side. Before anything else can be done, the Meta attaches the capture unit to his armor and activates Tex's cloak. Wash orders Doc to protect Church while he fights the Meta. He's doing poorly when in the sky above, he sees a Pelican, piloted by Grif and containing the other Reds and Blues. It crashes, sending the Meta flying.

Church approaches the memory unit, telling Wash again to let Tex out, but he explains it was made to be one-way--he can't get her out without tools, and if it gets much more damaged, it will never be able to be opened. Church finally agrees to go with Wash if he'll get Tex out; Wash orders the other Blues to find tools while the Reds look for anything with power to keep the unit online. Church and Wash talk about Tex, with Church revealing that she was doomed to fail because of the Director's memories of her, and the episode ends as the capture unit moves, the Meta (still invisible) standing up with the unit still on his back.