Reconstruction Trailer
Season Episode

April 5, 2008

Running time 2:49
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Why Were We Here? (Season 5) Chapter 1

The Reconstruction Trailer was released April 5, 2008. Somewhat unusually, it is not so much a preview of the upcoming season as it is a prequel, a sort of "episode zero" that shows some of what happened at Outpost 17-B prior to Chapter 1.

Episode SummaryEdit

The Director of Project Freelancer reads a letter to the Chairman of the Oversight Sub-Committee, offering information about a mysterious incident at Outpost 17-B, where team members apparently turned on one another, but rejecting the conclusion that Project Freelancer could have seen this "unfortunate post-project scenario" coming.

While he speaks, two Recovery Agents are shown exploring the outpost, in particular a downed Pelican. They are ambushed by an invisible soldier and quickly killed. Finally a wall inside one of the bases is shown with writing scratched into it reading "WE ARE THE META".