Season Episode
Revelation 14

July 26, 2010

Running time 5:01
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Reconfiguration was first released July 26, 2010 and is the fourteenth episode of Revelation.

Episode SummaryEdit

In the desert, the Meta and Wash have finished converting the memory unit into a capture unit, though it's very fragile. Wash explains to Doc that it doesn't matter what happens to the unit after Epsilon is captured, so long as he gets turned in as evidence to the Chairman. Doc suggests trying to track the Reds and Blues only to have the idea shot down by Wash; however, the Meta ultimately is able to pick up a faint trail.

At the Freelancer facility, Tex and Church discuss how she is trying to figure out where she came from and who she is. He says he was able to bring her back because he had to get her out of his head and that she's his girlfriend; she finds this underwhelming. She asks him to get FILSS to give her access to the files stored at the facility. Meanwhile, Sarge orders Simmons to restore the Blues to Command's database.