Rally Cap
Season Episode
Revelation 18

August 30, 2010

Running time 4:52
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Tenth Percentile Reunion

Rally Cap was first released August 30, 2010 and is the eighteenth episode of Revelation.

Episode SummaryEdit

At Sidewinder, Wash, the Meta, and Doc stop their Warthog far from Church's body, with Wash concluding his apparent lack of defenses must be a trap, the sort of tactic a Freelancer would use. Doc points out that a Freelancer would know that another Freelancer would know this, which Wash dismisses as over-thinking it, until mines light up around them and explode.

At the Freelancer facility, FILSS announces the incoming Recovery Beacon from Church. Caboose asks Sarge and the Reds for help rescuing Tex and Church. Grif blows him off, but to his surprise, Sarge agrees to go with Caboose. He tells the others that he's not ordering or even asking them to go fight, and gives a rousing speech asking them why they've stayed with the team, even after all they've been through. He concludes by saying that the Freelancers have used them their entire lives and without Tex and Church, it could all be covered over--so he's going to fight. Inspired, the others agree to go, and they discuss how they're going to get to the base in time.