The Parabola of Mystery was the climax of Season 2. It began as Operation Circle of Confusion, a plan by Church to exchange Donut (prisoner of Blue Team) and Lopez (run away to become leader of the Robot Army with Sheila) for the robot bodies built by Sarge for Church and Tex (Francisco Montegue Zanzibar and Robot Number 2).

Things quickly become more complicated when Lopez tries to stop Francisco Montegue Zanzibar from reaching the Blues. At the same time, Sarge calls up Vic to arrange an airstrike. Tucker happens to be on the radio at the same time, however, and realizes that Vic is working for both the Reds and the Blues. A battle seems imminent as Church possesses Robot Number 2 and Tucker tries to tell everyone Red and Blue are the same, only to be shot with a rocket by Doc.

Church realizes Doc is possessed by O'Malley, but Doc takes Lopez and escapes through Red Team's teleporter before anyone can do anything. With Tucker severely injured, the Reds and Blues argue for two hours over the meaning of the word ironic before agreeing to work together to find O'Malley and Lopez. Leaving behind Donut and Sheila, they head off through the teleporter.