Season Episode
Revelation 20
  • September 11, 2010 (sponsors)
  • September 13, 2010 (all)
Running time 9:33
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Reunion Rounding Error (Season 9)

n+1 was first released on September 11, 2010 for sponsors, with the full release on September 13, 2010. It is the twentieth and final episode of Revelation, as well as the final episode of the Recollection Trilogy.

Episode SummaryEdit

Grif and Simmons enter the base to look for power supplies, but return outside when they hear explosions. Caboose stays with Church while the Reds and Tucker attack the Meta, who quickly takes down Wash. He is able to hold them off, making use of the Domed Energy Shield, but Wash gives Sarge the tow hook from the Warthog and tells him he knows what to do.

Sarge attacks the Meta one-on-one, distracting him while attaching the tow hook to the Meta's armor. Grif and Simmons push it off the cliff, yanking the Meta toward the edge of the cliff. The capture unit is knocked clear, but the Meta pulls Grif over with him. However, Grif was able to get the Meta's weapon earlier and stabs it into the ice, saving himself. At the capture unit, Church enters it to try to find Tex after saying goodbye to Caboose. Simmons realizes it's too badly damaged and is shutting down, and Church doesn't reappear before it does so, leaving him trapped inside.

Some time later, members of the UNSC sent by the Chairman arrive to investigate. They question the Reds and Blues about the three dead Freelancers (as Wash has disguised himself as Church) and destroyed equipment, but decide they're free to go back to their bases. Wash thanks Tucker and Caboose for letting him join Blue Team and both teams decide to head for Valhalla, stealing the investigators' airships as they go. Meanwhile, the capture unit is put in evidence as useless.

Inside the capture unit, Church says he's decided to simply wait for Tex to show up, rather than trying to chase her, and it fades in to a new version of Blood Gulch based on his memories, where he plans to wait.



  • This episode features the first use of Halo: Reach in the series, for Church's memories inside the capture unit.