Last One Out, Hit the Lights
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1 19


Running time 3:34
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SPF 0 Everything Old is New Again (Season 2)

Last One Out, Hit the Lights was first released in 2003 and is the nineteenth episode of both Season 1 and Red vs. Blue overall. It is also the final episode in Season 1.


Grif, Simmons, and Lopez are atop Red Base when Church possesses Lopez. He tries to warn them about the tank, but can only speak Spanish, much to his confusion. Tex finally fixes the tank and Caboose and Tucker radio Church, but he continues to be unable to communicate. Sheila begins firing on the base. Sarge and Simmons get in the Warthog to fight the tank, but are almost immediately blown up and return to Red Base. However, Donut discovers Tex is the one who hit him with a grenade and throws one in return, taking out both Tex and the tank (again).

Church (still in Lopez's body) runs to Tex, who tells him the AI is gone as she dies. Finally, Caboose looks threateningly at Tucker and says his name is O'Malley.