Fourth And Twenty
Season Episode
Revelation 4

May 10, 2010

Running time 4:16
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Recovering One Towing Package

Fourth And Twenty was first released May 10, 2010 and, despite the name, is the fifth episode of Revelation.

Episode SummaryEdit

In the desert, the aliens are getting restless in the absence of Church, turning on Caboose, who is stranded on top of a pillar. When the Reds return, Caboose tells the aliens Sarge took Church. In an attempt to fend off the aliens, Sarge claims the Reds didn't, and to prove it leads the aliens to where Grif and Simmons are with Church, who is still inactive. Church turns back on, although he's disoriented, and in a panic to hide him Grif boots him over the hill.

The Reds take advantage of the aliens' and Blues' confusion to run away; Caboose quickly follows suit, leaving Tucker to get on the pillar instead. Meanwhile, the Reds and Caboose realize Church has fallen into the minefield and send the unwitting Simmons to retrieve him.