An Ehmp, occasionally spelled and pronounced E. M. P., is an electromagnetic pulse that can be used to disable or wipe out electronic devices. A particularly strong Ehmp was prepared as a failsafe at the Freelancer base where unusable AI fragments were stored. When triggered, it would completely wipe out all AIs (and other electronic equipment, including vehicles) on-site.

Appearance in ReconstructionEdit

At the end of Reconstruction, during the raid by Washington, the Reds, and the Blues on the Freelancer base to retrieve Epsilon, the failsafe was triggered by Washington to stop the Meta. This not only wiped out all of the AIs the Meta was carrying (both AI fragments and Beta), but also Alpha, who had returned with Washington to face the Meta.

The only known surviving fragment was Epsilon, carried by Caboose.

Appearance in Season 10Edit

During a fight with Insurrectionists many years before the Blood Gulch Chronicles, Washington used something like a small-scale Ehmp to disable enemy vehicles.