Chapter 7
Season Episode
Reconstruction 7

July 15, 2008

Running time 7:05
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Chapter 7 of Reconstruction was first released July 15, 2008.

Episode SummaryEdit

The Chairman reveals to the Director that he has discovered that Project Freelancer recorded use of several AIs simultaneously, although they had only been given use of a single AI, and requests an explanation.

Immediately after shooting South, Wash tries to explain himself to Church and Caboose before disposing of her body via explosives. While he destroys her body and armor, Church asks Delta if Wash is mentally stable. Delta states that Wash's sanity is "within acceptable bounds". When Wash is finished with South's body, he tells the others he blamed her death on Caboose, which Command readily believed. They discuss the Meta and the equipment and AIs he's gathering, and Delta mentions the one true smart AI in the Freelancer program, the Alpha, who Wash insists doesn't matter. He explains that the other AIs were copied from the Alpha but became obsessed with the original, to the point of Freelancers breaking into headquarters to try to find it.

Another call comes in from Command with a recovery beacon, this time from Agent Maine, revealed to be the true identity of the Meta. It's jammed before they can get the coordinates, however, with the only information Delta could recover being biocomm data indicating the Meta is low on power and needs a new power source. Based on that, Church guesses the Meta is headed for the power generation facility that was the previous home of Gamma.