Chapter 6
Season Episode
Reconstruction 6

July 8, 2008

Running time 5:27
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Chapter 6 of Reconstruction was first released July 8, 2008.

Episode SummaryEdit

The Director informs the Chairman that the Meta is only an entity seeking power, a not uncommon occurrence in the days after the war.

South and Delta are under attack by the Meta. With her bubble shield failing, she plans to jettison Delta and her shield generator to distract the Meta while she escapes, but before she must, Wash and the Blues attack the Meta. To prevent her from leaving, Church has Caboose shoot her while they continue to fight the Meta. After realizing the Meta picks up equipment from the Freelancers it kills--like Tex's cloak--he realizes it must have Wyoming's Time Distortion Unit and fires a rocket launcher at him. Unfortunately, the Meta activates the Time Distortion Unit before the rocket hits and escapes, leaving the four to argue over whose fault it is.

With South badly injured, Delta is transferred to Caboose's armor. He reveals South's plan to abandon him and states the high probability that she would betray them again. With her unable to walk and Wash unwilling to leave her on her own, he kills her instead.