Chapter 2
Season Episode
Reconstruction 4

June 16, 2008

Running time 6:30
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Chapter 4 of Reconstruction was first released June 16, 2008.

Episode SummaryEdit

The Director assures the Chairman that the Meta situation is under control, with the recovery agent (Washington) closing in on him.

Caboose and Washington travel to the remote base where Church was reassigned. Church tries to snipe Caboose but misses, and reluctantly lets the two inside the base after Wash points out the wall of the facility is crumbling anyway. It is revealed he was there alone for fourteen months. While they talk, Wash receives a call from Command, which tells Wash to take the Blues to Outpost 17-B to continue the investigation. Church initially resists Wash ordering him to come along, saying he's got no problem with something killing Freelancers, but is convinced to come when Wash tells him Tex's Pelican crashed at Outpost 17-B.

After they leave, the Meta uncloaks, revealing he had been nearby the entire time. He calls Sarge, manipulating a recording of Command's call with Wash to order Sarge to recollect the Reds to stop Wash. After the call, it is revealed that Agent South Dakota and Delta are also present, having followed Wash, though they do not realize the Meta is there.