Chapter 19
Season Episode
Reconstruction 19

October 30, 2008

Running time 9:44
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Chapter 19 was the finale of Reconstruction and was first released October 30, 2008.

Episode SummaryEdit

The Chairman informs the Director that he will be arrested and that he foresees entire sections of future morality guidelines pertaining to AIs being based on the Director's actions.

While the Meta continues to attack the Freelancer personnel, everyone except for Wash appears to drive from the facility, with Wash warning them that Epsilon must be outside the Emp's radius before it goes off. The Meta falls for Wash's plan, believing that the others are trying to lead him away from the AIs inside the facility, and follows Wash inside.

Within, Wash talks to the Director and Counsellor remotely while preparing the Emp. Wash uses a containment field to block the Meta, but after the Director realizes Epsilon gave Wash memories of the Alpha's torture, he disables the interior shield blocking the Meta and orders him to attack Wash. When the Meta's AIs demand to see the Alpha, Wash reveals that he's been carrying the Alpha, and Church appears and enters the Meta to stop him. Wash successfully activates the Emp, and while the Reds are caught in its radius, Caboose and Epsilon manage to get beyond it.

A final letter from the Director to the Chairman plays over images from Valhalla, where the Reds and Caboose have been given use of the bases. The Director explains he lost someone close to him early in life and has always wondered if he could have made the sacrifices to save her, had the option been available, but recent events have led him to believe he could have. He states that he will not fight arrest, but that the courts cannot convict him. AIs, he says, are based on a real person, and there are no laws against the actions against oneself. In Blue Base, Caboose prepares some sort of experiment with the Epsilon unit and Tex's body, and the Director closes his letter with his name: Dr. Leonard Church.