Chapter 18
Season Episode
Reconstruction 18

October 21, 2008

Running time 5:59
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Chapter 18 of Reconstruction was first released October 21, 2008.

Episode SummaryEdit

The Director furiously tells the Chairman that his actions were a result of them being at war, and he considers every alternative preferable to extinction.

Wash and Church regroup with the others while soldiers outside continue to attack. Upon hearing that the computers hold information on the Reds and the Blues, Church asks Simmons to look him up in the database to prove he's not an AI, but of course that's not possible, due to Sarge deleting the Blues. Wash continues to try to convince them Church is, indeed, an AI, but the discussion is cut short by the arrival of the Meta.

Wash reveals that luring the Meta there has been his plan all along. He tells the Reds and Caboose to make a break for it with the Epsilon unit while the guards are busy fighting the Meta, and then turn it over to the authorities. Meanwhile, he plans to take Church back inside to bring the Meta in, then activate a failsafe EMP to wipe out all AIs and other electronics in its radius. Church refuses to go, but Wash tries to convince him by saying it's the only way he'll truly find out about himself and everyone else in his life.