Chapter 17
Season Episode
Reconstruction 17

October 13, 2008

Running time 6:13
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Chapter 17 of Reconstruction was first released October 13, 2008.

Episode SummaryEdit

The Chairman states that Project Freelancer has abused their freedoms--particularly in their treatment of the Alpha--and will now be subject to a criminal investigation.

While Simmons continues to try to gain access to Command's database, Grif answers a call to Command. It's a distress signal from Tucker, saying they found what they were looking for "under the sand" and need help immediately.

Back with the AIs, Church protests that his memories of his life prove he's not an AI, and it's easier for him to accept being a ghost. Wash says he doesn't need Church to believe, he just needs him to help stop the Meta. Alarms start sounding and the two take Epsilon and head back toward the entrance.

At the entrance, the Reds fall under attack while Sarge finally erases the Blues.