Chapter 15
Season Episode
Reconstruction 15

September 23, 2008

Running time 6:35
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Chapter 15 of Reconstruction was first released September 8, 2008.

Episode SummaryEdit

The Chairman accuses the Director of turning the investigation into a personal vendetta and informs him that they have secured all of Project Freelancer's records and logs for review.

Inside Command, Wash reveals his plan to get the Alpha AI--Church will pose as a prisoner Wash is bringing in for questioning and the Reds will keep the guards off their back once they get noticed.

At a security checkpoint, a guard insists on calling in to check Wash's story, forcing Wash to take out the guards. Finally, he and Church reach the AI storage room for the rejected or unusable AIs. Church experiences a strange flash of images from the AI Wash points out, and Wash reveals that they were not actually trying to secure the Alpha but rather his former AI, Epsilon.