Chapter 14
Season Episode
Reconstruction 14

September 15, 2008

Running time 6:33
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Chapter 14 of Reconstruction was first released September 15, 2008.

Episode SummaryEdit

The Director protests that humanity's survival trumps personal safety.

While the Reds are chased by the Hornet, Wash heads to Blue Base. Church explains he was looking for Tex; Wash says he knows about Tex and that she's not there. He then is forced to save the Reds from the Hornet by destroying it.

After the battle is over, they gather to plan their assault on the Freelancer Command Facility. The Reds initially refuse to help, but agree after Wash demotes Grif to Minor Junior Private, Negative First Class. Caboose suggests they pretend to be Freelancers, hiding everyone except for Wash and Church inside a tank, and the plan actually works perfectly, except the Meta snuck in along with them.