Chapter 12
Season Episode
Reconstruction 12

August 26, 2008

Running time 5:24
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Chapter 12 of Reconstruction was first released August 26, 2008.

Episode SummaryEdit

The Director angrily tells the Chairman he holds protocol in the highest regard and challenges him to be direct in accusing the Director of wrongdoing.

Church tries to explain to Wash that Caboose killed him and he became a ghost who possesses a robot body, but Wash says it's not normal for the teams to have robot kits. Caboose wakes up in the middle of the argument, and Wash yells at the others, ordering them to shut up and telling them that their Red vs. Blue battles were only for practice for the Freelancers. He orders the Reds to check on the vehicles, and Church finally relays Delta's message to Wash, who immediately understands it. He tells them they need to go to Command to find the Alpha, who can tell them about the AIs and how to stop them, but first they need to find vehicles in working order.