Chapter 11
Season Episode
Reconstruction 11

August 18, 2008

Running time 6:40
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Chapter 11 of Reconstruction was first released August 18, 2008.

Episode SummaryEdit

The Chairman accuses the Director of circumventing safety protocols, allowing the Meta to acquire multiple AIs, and harshly reminds him that no one is above the rules of protocol.

The Reds (except for Grif) take cover with Wash and Church while the Meta continues to throw things at Grif. Wash leaves them there to distract the Meta while he checks on Caboose and Delta; unsurprisingly, Delta has been taken. Wash uses a chain gun to drive the Meta away and they regroup at Caboose, who seems physically all right, but isn't waking up. While Wash calls Command for evac and with Simmons distracting him, Church possesses Caboose. In Caboose's mind, Church encounters a memory of Delta, who was able to logically predict Church's actions. He tells Church to give Wash a message--"memory is the key"--and warns him that the next time they meet, he may have switched sides. Church leaves Caboose's mind, only to realize Wash has returned and seen him.