Chapter 1
Season Episode
Reconstruction 1

May 26, 2008

Running time 6:42
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Reconstruction Trailer Chapter 2

Chapter 1 of Reconstruction was first released May 26, 2008.

Episode SummaryEdit

At Freelancer Outpost 17-B, soldiers investigate the aftermath of the attack there, finding a lone Red Team soldier, Private Walter Henderson, who is brought to a Freelancer facility for questioning by the Counselor, observed by Agent Washington. The Chairman of the Oversight Sub-Committee reads a letter to the Director of Project Freelancer in a voiceover, revealing that the project is undergoing review.

Henderson tells the Counselor that a ship crashed at Outpost 17-B while he was stationed there. The Blues scavenged the ship, but soon after recovering its equipment began fighting and ultimately killed one another. The Reds took the equipment as well, but as soon as it went online, they, too, began to be "infected" and acted in strange ways. Eventually, something Henderson couldn't describe showed up, ransacked Blue Base, and went after the Reds, killing all except for Henderson.

After, the Counselor and Washington discuss Wash's previous mission against what seems to be the same entity (the Meta), and Wash is ultimately tasked with hunting it down. He begins by looking for the soldiers present at Omega's last location, the Reds and Blues.