Backup Plans
Season Episode
Revelation 9

June 7, 2010

Running time 4:19
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Backup Plans was first released June 7, 2010 and is the ninth episode of Revelation.

Episode SummaryEdit

Wash and the Meta finally succeed in freeing Doc from the wall with grenades. Doc then arranges for the aliens to draw them a map of where Epsilon went; unfortunately they draw insults instead, and Wash and the Meta prepare to just kill them all except for one to interrogate.

Back at the Freelancer storage facility, the Reds' plan has failed miserably, leading them to resort to shooting their way in. This works perfectly, and they begin to explore when they hear Caboose and crashing noises, and head that direction. They find him in front of the locked door, with noise and Church talking to someone inside. Caboose tries to distract them, but when the door starts being broken down, he walks off, leaving the Reds preparing to ambush whoever comes through the door. Unfortunately for them, it's Tex.